Warning Toxic Algae

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  • 13 Sep, 2016

Please be aware that toxic algae, likely caused by the drought, has been linked to the deaths of 3 dogs. Don’t let your dog swim or drink from any bodies of water in the area. Be vigilant, especially when your dog is off leash.


Keep your pups safe!

By lemaster 13 Sep, 2016

Every year many dogs run away from home or experience an incredible amount of stress anxiety during the Fourth of July. If your dog is sensitive to fireworks and starts to show stress/fear indicators (panting, pacing, digging, general flight risk panic, tucked tail) then consider discussing the issue with your vet and consider medication. If medication is the option you choose to help your dog then test the medication on your dog a few nights before the Fourth of July holiday. You want to observe how your dog reacts to the medication and to make any adjustments necessary based on that reaction.

Many years ago I cared for a dog who was highly sensitive to fireworks. She would completely panic and start digging. She was looking for any way out or a place to hide, my carpets and wood floors took a beating that year. No matter how much I tried distracting her she was completely focused on digging and hiding. It was terrible to watch Maggie suffer so much. The following year she spent the holiday with me again and after discussing Maggie’s issue with her owner we decided that medication would be helpful. A week before the fireworks we tested the medication on Maggie, it definitely calmed her but she was so doped up she could barely move or function. It was clear that she was over medicated and we decided to cut the medicine in half. The half dose was helpful enough to calm her but she was still able to walk and understand commands. Although medication is helpful don’t rely solely on the medication, use other stress relievers/reducers to aid your dog.

For example:

Exercise- Take your dog on a long walk or hike. Work on getting all of the energy out of them so they are tired. I always say, a tired mind is a malleable mind.

Thundershirt: This is a compression shirt you put on your dog. I use this product for other anxiety issues as well. It has a money back guarantee and you are able to add pheromones to aid your dog during these stressful times. Similar to the medication, always test this product on your dog. Observe your dog with it on and follow the instructions. This product does require some training and slow introduction, so plan on working with the thundershirt and slowly exposing your dog to it.

Rescue Remedy: This is an over the counter herbal medicine you put in your dogs water bowl. Many of my pet colleagues swear by this.

Loud Music: While the fireworks show commences consider putting your dog in a room that gets the least amount of noise from the outside. Play loud music or white noise to drown out the booms and bangs.

Redirect: This is a common training technique. If your dog gets up and starts to stress because they hear a loud boom, then ask your dog to sit or down. Try to get them focused on an exercise they are good at doing and something you can praise them for. The goal is to get them focused on something other than the cause of their anxiety.

Remember to be safe this Fourth, keep all doors and windows closed, take your dog outside to eliminate on leash and have wonderful and Happy Fourth of July!

Shasta Marlowe
PupTown Dog Daycare and Boarding



By lemaster 13 Sep, 2016

St. Valentine’s Day is a day filled with sweet treats and flowers. However, it is essential to keep these things out of our pups’ reach. An M&M might not do much harm, but a box of chocolates could mean a very sick dog and a very big vet bill. And those lovely bouquets of flowers can also cause harm. Some dogs are attracted to the smell and might take a taste. Many plants and flowers are poisonous, so keep those out of reach too.

If you want to show your love to your pup, there are many tasty and safe Valentine treats for your dog. So take the love of your life, your dog of course, and enjoy the day with appropriate treats and a walk on the beach!

By lemaster 13 Sep, 2016

Join us at Cleophus Quealy Beer Company on Wednesday, January 27 for Pints for Pups with Rocket Dog Rescue.
There will be adoptable pups and 10% of all beer sales will go towards helping Rocket Dog Rescue save dogs from overcrowded shelters.
Enjoy some suds and help the pups too!

Where: Cleophus Quealy Beer Company, 448 Hester St., San Leandro
When: Wednesday, January 27
Time: 5pm – 8pm

By lemaster 13 Sep, 2016
Tune into KKIQ this morning around 10:40-10:45 to hear our radio spot!
By lemaster 13 Sep, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend: we will be closed for daycare on Thanksgiving day, Thursday, 11/26. Will we reopen for daycare on Friday, 11/27 with weekend hours: 9am – 5pm. Please make reservations for daycare online, by email or phone for Friday through Sunday, 11-27 – 11/29.

Christmas Weekend: we will be closed for daycare on Christmas day, Friday, 12/25. We will reopen for daycare on Saturday, 12/26 from 9am – 5pm. Please make reservations for daycare online, by email or phone for Saturday and Sunday, 12/26 – 12/27.

We still have some space available for the holidays, but we are filling up fast. Please contact us to reserve a spot!

By lemaster 13 Sep, 2016

Bring your four–legged friends to Oakland’s waterfront for a free Halloween celebration with tricks, treats, frights and delights. Dress your pooch for a creative canine costume contest, dabble in paw painting, pet pampering and pet psychic, pooch photo booths and more. – See more at: http://www.jacklondonsquare.com/events/special-events

PupTown will be joining the festivities and we hope to see you there!

By lemaster 13 Sep, 2016

Join us at the 43rd Annual Castro Valley Fall Fair! There will be Entertainment, Arts and Crafts, Wine, Food, and Fun!

When: Saturday and Sunday, September 12 & 13 from 10am – 6pm

Entry and parking are free!

Castro Valley Fall Fair

By lemaster 13 Sep, 2016

Come visit PupTown’s booth at the Castro Valley Pride celebration!

About Castro Valley Pride: Castro Valley Pride’s purpose is to create a safe and welcoming space for the LGBTQ members of our shared community. We think it’s important for Castro Valley and the surrounding areas to understand that our families share the same visions and values that all American families share. We must continue to remain visible locally while acting globally, with a renewed push for full equality across the country and around the world. To that end we have established a yearly  event which is free to the public. We are involved with any and all community groups and events that will allow us to partner with them for further visibility. Typically that is 6 to 10 events per year in Castro Valley and the surrounding area. 100% of the funds we receive go towards organizing and putting on these events. We invite all members of the public to join us at our events.Castro Valley Pride 2015

July 11, 2015 12pm-5pm
Castro Valley High School
19501 Redwood Road
Castro Valley, CA 94546
By lemaster 13 Sep, 2016

PupTown will be participating in San Leandro’s 106th Cherry Festival . Please help support PupTown by joining us in the parade. Bring family and friends, and most importantly, your precious well-behaved pup!

The Cherry Festival is Saturday, June 6. The parade starts at 10:00 a.m. at the San Leandro Boys & Girls Club, 401 Marina Blvd. We will gather in the back parking lot between 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. for staging. The parade route runs north along San Leandro Blvd. and turns east on W Estudillo Ave. Come join the fun!!

After the parade, take the pups home to relax. Or for those pups that still have energy to burn, PupTown will provide a free afternoon of daycare for PupTown clients that participate, along with free shuttle service to PupTown. That way, you can stay and enjoy the Cherry Festival and the festivities! There will be food, drinks and  entertainment  for all ages!

* If you plan to use the daycare service, we must have confirmation no later than Thursday, 6/4 and you must pick up by 6:00 p.m. Space is limited, so sign up now!

By lemaster 13 Sep, 2016

Separation Anxiety seems to be on the rise in dogs. However, is it Separation Anxiety (SA) or misbehavior? You must first know what you’re dealing with before you can treat it. If it’s misbehavior, especially if punishment has been used, dogs learn that when the owner is not present to control the behavior, they can do what they want. When the cats away, the mice will play! If this is the case, the dog needs training and exercise.

If the dog is truly anxious, some of the symptoms of SA are panting, sweating, whining, salivating and pacing. The results can be devastating: destroyed furniture, window coverings, doors, injury to the dog, and worst of all, some owners have surrendered their dog.

Use a video camera or in-home surveillance to determine if it is really SA or just bad behavior. If your dog becomes destructive or shows any of the mentioned SA symptoms immediately after your departure, then you most likely have a case of SA. You need to start building the dog’s confidence immediately. When you’re home, do not give your dog unrestricted access to you or family members. This sets him up for failure. He becomes over-dependent. He must learn that it’s ok not to have constant attention and it is ok, and even enjoyable to be alone.

If your dog is crate trained, and I hope he is, put him in the crate for short periods of time, with the crate next to you or close by. Give him a stuffed chew toy or bone so that he learns to enjoy confinement and being left alone. When you take him out of the crate, pick up the chew toy. Start leaving him for longer periods of time, but do not let him become anxious. Take it slow. You must take him out while he is still calm. Make no fuss when opening the crate. There should be no reward for being let out. As difficult as it can be, wait to give your dog attention until he is calm. Do not reward the anxious behavior. The same is true when you return home. Do not give in to anxious or excited behavior.

This is a very brief overview of SA. There are many resources, by renowned behaviorists on how to prevent and treat SA. I have listed some below. If you feel you need help, please seek out a certified trainer that specializes in SA and that uses positive reinforcement methods only.

One thing is for sure, it is easier to prevent SA than it is to treat it. So if you’re looking to get a new puppy, please educate yourself on this very important topic.


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  • AFTER You Get Your Puppy; Dr. Ian Dunbar


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